Tips On Caring For Your New Turf

✦Your turf must be laid within 24 hours of delivery. As soon as you have laid your new lawn, you must ensure that you water it thoroughly. To give you an indication, each square meter can use up to three gallons of water a day when newly laid.

✦It is very important that the roots are kept wet as well as the grass, by making sure that the soil underneath the turf is sodden.

✦If there are any signs of your turf drying out (colour fading, shrinkage or turning up at the edges) you must water it immediately.

Mowing Your Lawn

Do not mow your new lawn until it has rooted. This can be easily checked by lifting a corner of a turf to see if the roots have attached to the soil. The lawn should be mowed regularly once rooted, so that it is not left to get too long. The first cuts should be on a high setting and then once the lawn is established, you may slowly reduce the setting to obtain you ideal level of one inch.


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