Fines Turf


High quality lawns
Prestige landscaping
Hard wearing fine turf area
Golf tees


Medium/Fine texture
Excellent wear tolerance
Superb year round colour

Fine Turf is made up from the following seeds:-

* Smooth stalked meadow grass (30% Limousine)
* Slender creeping red fescue (40% Barcrown)
* Chewings fescue (15% Bargreen)
* Chewings fescue (15% Baroxi)


Limousine- The top smooth stalk cultivar for the last twelve years, the highest rating for shoot density, therefore recovers quickly from wear. Excellent wear tolerance ideally suited for tees turf whilst maintaining the finest leaf of all smooth stalks. Maintains excellent winter colour.

Barcrown- The to slender cultivar for many years. The top shoot density scoring 9.3 and the most disease resistant thus able to quickly recover from wear. Performs well throughout the whole year. Scores the highest for short growth.

Bargrass- One of the top chewing fescue for 2002. Excellent shoot density and disease resistance.

Baroxi- One of the top chewing fescue for 2002. A very high rating of 7.8 for shoot density but also combining the highest rating for short growth. Very good disease resistance.


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