Sports Utility Turf


Golf Tees
General Lawn Use
Amenity Landscaping
Football Pitches
Tennis Courts


Medium texture
Hard Wearing
Shade tolerant
Roots very quickly
Good colour

Sports Utility Turf is made up from the following seeds:-

* Dwarf ryegrass (25% Elegana/Amadeus)
* Smooth stalked meadow grass (20% Limousine)
* Slender creeping red fescue (20% Estica)
* Chewings fescue (20% Center)
* Strong creeping red fescue (15% Cindy)


Amadeus- The very top rated Perennial ryegrass for 2000. Excellent fineness of leaf and high shoot density. Blends very well with Elegana and cuts very cleanly.

Elegana- One of the finest leafs of all Perennial ryegrasses. Blends very well with Amadeus. Good shoot density

Limousine- The top smooth stalk cultivar for the last twelve years, the highest rating for shoot density, therefore recovers quickly from wear. Excellent wear tolerance ideally suited for tees turf whilst maintaining the finest leaf of all smooth stalks. Maintains excellent winter colour.

Estica- Good shoot density and short growth.Excellent colour especially during summer.
Center- Excellent shoot density. One of the most disease resistant chewings fescue cultivars. Another well proven cultivar.

Cindy- One of the top cultivars. Good shoot density. Maintains good colour throughout the year.


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