Greens Turf


Golf Greens
Bowling Greens
Luxurious Lawns


Fine Texture
Dense Close Mown Sward
High Maintenance

Greens Turf is made from:-

* Slender creeping red fescue (40% Barcrown)
* Chewing fescue (40% Bargreen)
* Brown top bent (15% Heriot)


Barcrown- The top slender cultivar for many years. The top shoot density scoring 9.3 and the most disease resistant thus able to quickly recover from wear. Performs well throughout the whole year. Scores the highest for short growth.

Bargreen- Highly rated, this cultivar has proven to be well adapted for use on both greens and lawns. This cultivar is very fine leaved with excellent drought tolerance, maintaining a superb colour under any circumstances.

Heriot- A UK bred cultivar, which brings a new dimension of quality to the golf, boels and lawns market. It is compact and fine leaved with a very slow growth rate to give a fine, dense turf, which can be closely mown.


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